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Our Leadership Team

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Sandra: Centre Director, Owner & Educational Leader 

Sandra is our Centre Owner & Director who has over 35 years experience working in the child & family services sector.  She is a fully qualified Mother Craft Nurse, Disability worker & Parenting Practitioner (specialising in behaviour management & sleep routines for newborns). Sandy also holds her Advanced Diploma in children Services & Education. When she began Hastings Childcare & Community Kinder her vision was to provide the best possible early learning opportunities to all children in the local community. A home away from home where children loved to come & learn. Sandy is actively working at Hastings Childcare & Community Kinder every day to bring her vision to life. This means she is there to make every family feel welcome joining you in following & celebrating your child's learning journey. 



Bri: Kindergarten Teacher

Bri runs our 3 + 4 yo Kindergarten Programs alongside Alex & holds a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood. She has over 9 years experience teaching in kindergartens and in before/after school care programs. Bri recognises that children are natural enquirers having an eagerness to discover & explore the world around them. For this reason she is a strong advocate for play based learning programs, which focus & extend upon each child's interests allowing for holistic development. When children are engaged their capacity for learning is limitless. Bri is extremely passionate about education in the early years & working in collaboration with families to ensure their children are prepared socially, emotionally and developmentally for success at Primary School. 


Alex: Assistant Director & Kindergarten Teacher 

Alex holds a Masters in Early Childhood Education & Primary Teaching from Monash University. He has over 8 years working in Early Childhood Education & is extremely passionate about supporting each child on their own individual journey.  Alex is very patient and gentle in his nature, he loves creating, investigating and inventing with the children. Nationally, men account for less than 2% of early childhood education and care workers. We think it's positive to have both male and female role models in our educational environment.  Alex believes that 'it is important to challenge the male stereotypes and to celebrate the crucial role males can play in caring for and educating young children.'

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