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Clothing Order Form
To increase the children's sense of pride & belonging in our community we offer Hats & T-Shirts with our logo on them. These are uniform quality garments & can be purchased by submitting the below order form.

These Hats/T-Shirts also provide children the opportunity to take increasing responsibility for their own items in preparation for the transition to Primary School where they will have to wear uniform each day. These T-Shirts are worn by our Kindergarten Children during their Community Kinder Excursions.

We partially subside the cost of these items in attempt to make them more affordable to all families. Please note these items are uniform quality products the same as Primary School Uniforms & the logo is embroided to last.

*Please note these items are not compulsory.
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Thanks for placing your order, we will process it as soon as possible. Once complete you will receive receipt of payment via email.

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