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COVID-19 Update             

 Latest update: Sunday 16th October

Welcome back to all families 

As set out in the Roadmap, once Victoria reaches 80 per cent fully vaccinated  ECEC services will be open to all children from Monday 1 November. We cannot wait to welcome all our families and children back! 

As per the Department of Educations COVIDSafe Settings in early childhood education and care services external drop off and pick up from the front entrance will remain in place. 

General Reminders

We also would like to remind families of the following:  

  • Sanitise the hands of your child when entering the centre.

  • Maintain social distancing in the entry space/car park area.

  • Due to the social distancing measures, we ask that anyone collecting or dropping off their child please be mindful of other families and use the sign in/sign out foyer iPad in a prompt manner so other families can also access this area.

  • If you have visited any exposure sites listed on the DHHS website, please get tested & isolate.

  • If your child or any household member is unwell, please remain at home. Sick children are not permitted to attend the centre.

  • Any child who presents with cold and flu symptoms will be sent home immediately and a covid test or doctor’s clearance will be required to return to the Centre. Guardians will need to follow the COVID Absences Procedure.

To protect all families, children & staff we have implemented the following;

  • Are operating under a COVID Safe Plan 

  • A hand sanitising station at the entryway

  • All staff have completed government approved COVID-19 infection control training.

  • Hourly cleaning + disinfecting of each room including door handles & taps

  • Regular temperature checks of children with any symptoms

  • Children with any cold/flu symptoms are kept home from the service

  • Limited access to the building - drop off & pick up at the front entry

  • We are also placing a large emphasis on educating all children about good hygiene practices including fun songs, games & activities on germs + the importance of hand washing.

We appreciate your ongoing support during this difficult time & have you all in our thoughts. If you’re struggling or are in isolation help is available. Please get in contact, we can discuss your options & find a solution. 

 Last update: Sunday 22nd August

In a shocking recent announcement, the Victorian Government has stated that as of Tuesday the 24th of August 2021 all childcare & kindergarten will only be allowed to remain open for permitted workers and vulnerable children. We are very saddened to hear this. Our hearts go out to all our families as we face these challenging times once again. 

Accessing childcare 

"Childcare, kindergarten and early childhood services are open only for vulnerable children, or the children of authorised workers if they cannot work from home or if no supervision is available at home.

From 11:59pm on 23 August, authorised workers can access childcare, kindergarten and early childhood services (and take a child to a centre) if:

  • at least one parent/guardian is authorised to work and has a valid authorised worker permit, and is working either at home or on site, and

  • they cannot make alternative supervision arrangements

An authorised worker who is required to work shift work (e.g. overnight shift at a hospital) can send a child to childcare or an early childhood service outside their working hours so they can rest."

This information has been taken from the website, for more details please see here

If you are a single parent (changed as of 9/9/2021)

The only change to restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne right now will see single parents now able to access childcare, regardless of whether they are an authorised worker. Please email the office stating that you are a single parent and advising when your child will be returning to care so that we can staff accordingly. 

If you are a permitted worker

If you are considered a permitted worker, please contact the service tomorrow (Monday 23rd August) via to let us know that your child will continue attending. Any child that will be attending the service will require one permit per household to attend childcare. This will need to be provided either via email or as a hard copy which we can scan prior to your child attending care.   

If you child is vulnerable

If your child meets the criteria to be considered as vulnerable we will contact you shortly via email. All vulnerable children will continue to be able to access care during this time.

What if I am not a permitted worker or parent of a vulnerable child?

If your child cannot attend during this period we will waive the full gap fee, otherwise known as the ‘out of pocket’ cost to families. This means families will be able to keep their position secure at no ‘out of pocket’ cost.

What if I choose to keep my child home due COVID-19 during the lockdown?

If you choose to keep you child home for the duration of the current lockdown, please inform our staff on Monday 23rd of August via  . We will waive your gap fee and keep your position secure at no cost.

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